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About NetBadge

On the surface NetBadge is an online Access Control and Identification Card Issuing Service. We make badges. At the core, we have the technical knowhow and experience in the field to efficiently and cost effectively handle your badging needs, whatever they may be.

New to NetBadge?

Getting started is easy. Our knowlegable staff will assist you with the initial setup of your account and answer any questions you may have.

Standard Service

Our standard service includes custom badge design, custom database setup and customer training. As well as high quality four color printing with black and white on the back, a badge clip and US Mail delivery. You will have 24/7 secure access to the online database of current company badges, including photos and reports.


Many options are available, including Magnetic Stripe Cards, Proximity Cards, Smart Cards, RFID Cards, lamination, security holographic laminates, and a full array of supplies such as lanyards and protective holders./p>

Special Services

We offer special services such as pre-loading badge holder data and card data collection. We strive to make badging as easy as possible for you. If you have a special need, call to talk about how we can help.

Get Started

Contact our associates at Beresford Company to begin using NetBadge. Click here for contact information.